Publishing digital theses

Publishing digital theses

Publishing final theses for Diploma, Staatsexamen, Magister and Master’s degree programs

The E-LIB document server is an easy-to-use facility provided by the State and University Library of Bremen which enables graduates in Bremen to publish full-text versions of their final theses online at the recommendation of a member of the academic staff.

Publishing your thesis - a step-by-step guide

Please complete the following steps to publish your thesis:
Create a digital version (PDF file) - register online, Describe and upload your file – submit your Declaration of Consent.

1. 1. Accept the Terms of Agreement and Declaration of Consent
By signing and submitting a Declaration of Consent you and your supervisor accept our Terms of Agreement for the Publication of E-Documents. To publish your theses online, you must submit a Declaration of Consent bearing your own signature and that of your supervisor(s). Declarations can also be submitted by fax:
SuUB Bremen - z.Hd. Sachgebiet 01 - FAX No. (0421) 218-2614).
Theses cannot be published online without the consent of your supervisor.

2. Create a copy of your thesis in the compatible format (PDF/A)
Your work will be published as a PDF/A file. This special version of the Portable Document Format (PDF) is a universal file format designed to facilitate document exchange by embedding fonts, formatting, colors and graphics from any source within the document. Its ability to represent documents independently of the software, hardware and operating systems used to create them makes it an ideal presentation format for online publishing.

You can create a PDF/A version of your thesis with Adobe Acrobat, for example, which is installed on the computers in the Central Library. Please note that the PDF of your dissertation must be an accurate reproduction of the original document. A guide to creating PDF files for WORD and Open Office users is available here (in german). LaTeX users should refer to the following guide: Generating PDF/A compliant PDFs from pdftex

3. Register your theses online
Once you have prepared the final version of your publication, you can register to submit it online. Most users will be able to register online using their library account.
You will then be requested to supply a brief abstract of your work along with the requisite metadata before uploading the PDF file to our server. Users who do not have access to a library account should contact us directly using the following form.
After uploading your thesis, please complete your registration by clicking on the field “Register my thesis”.

The metadata and PDF file of your publication will be formally reviewed by our staff following this. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail from the library detailing the further procedure.

4. Your digital document will now be released
Following this process your thesis will be released and made accessible online through our network. You will receive a URN-based persistent identifier, which can be used when citing your document.


Frequently asked questions about electronic publishing

Frequently asked questions about electronic publishing
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