Research data management

The State and University Library Bremen offers information and advice on all aspects of research data management.

We support both in the search for suitable data for your research and in the search for suitable repositories for your research data, in the creation of data management plans and in all other relevant questions on this topic together with the University of Bremen and the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

Support offered by the library

Advice on the design of data management plans (DMPs)

  • Selection of suitable metadata schemes for the respective discipline (advice on subject standards)
  • Selection of suitable repositories & mode of persistent addressing
  • Design of the technical workflow of archiving

Advice on research data management or the research data life cycle

  • Indexing of research data using generic or subject-specific metadata schemas
  • Advice on metadata modelling
  • Consideration of international initiatives/standards (e.g. ORCID, vocabularies) and FAIR principles
  • Allocation of persistent identifiers
  • Data citation (citing research data in the literature) and data referencing (linking research data to other research data and/or literature)
  • Publishing and/or referencing research data in repositories/data networks (making research data discoverable / finding research data Example 1 & Example 2)

Project collaboration in the area of metadata modelling

  • Analysis of existing standards relevant to the project (subject-specific or generic metadata standards)
  • Design of a metadata schema suitable for the project
  • Detailed planning for the implementation of the FAIR principles in the project

Publication of research data on the MEDIA document server of the SuUB (in preparation)

  • Archiving of data objects that cannot be assigned to existing subject repositories and/or data that must be provided as an appendix to media publications (MEDIA).
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