Publishing documents

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Students, staff, and graduates of the University of Bremen and other institutions of higher learning in Bremen are invited to publish their research findings, theses, and (post-) doctoral dissertations on our document server. This service is free of charge and ensures that research findings are available to researchers around the globe.

Users can publish doctoral / postdoctoral dissertations, final papers, degree theses, Master’s theses and other formats such as essays, proceedings, research papers, reports etc.

E-publishing at a glance

  • E-publishing ensures rapid dissemination of research findings and easy access for researchers based at other universities
  • E-publishing provides a long-term archival service, and a permanent online address for your document


What would you like to publish?

Digital theses

Diploma, Magister, Master’s & Examination Theses

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Digital research papers

Monographs, essays, articles, proceedings, reports

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