The library's document server: technical documentation

Technische Dokumentation

The library's document server has been part of the State and University Library of Bremen’s electronic library program since 2000. The platform has been upgraded regularly to keep pace with technological developments and changing standards.
The hardware and software utilized to deliver this service is maintained and developed by the I.T. Department of the State and University Library Bremen (SuUB).


The library's document server is based on a VMware virtual machine with 4 x 3400 MHz CPUs und 16 GB RAM. The server is linked to the DFN  through the University’s backbone via a via 10 GigaBit-Ethernet connection. This set up allows operations to be continued on another physical host within the VM cloud during maintenance and unexpected service outages.

The Data is stored on an external hard drive sub-system (Fabric Attached Storage – FAS) from NetApp (Network Appliance) with a RAID system to guarantee system stability and ensure that documents and database entries are protected. The document server uses NFS protocols to access the external hard drive sub-system. Backups are continuously saved on a separate secondary file server, backup data is transferred to an LTO storage facility in a D2D2T process afterwards.


The library's document server operates on a CentOS Linux release 7.7 operating system with Apache 2.4 & Tomcat 7.0 webserver using DSPACE-CRIS 5.10 for the document managment.

Open Archives Initiative (OAI)

A global standard interface (OAI-PMH) ensures that bibliographic metadata is accessible to providers of other search systems. Metadata can be harvested automatically through this OAI2.0 interface:

OAI-XML interface sample queries:

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