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RefWorks is the easy way to manage your citations and create online bibliographies and lists at the drop of a hat.

Access new Refworks

A change to the new RefWorks version is generally recommended at any time, but is not recommended in critical phases of text creation. A simultaneous use of both systems (old and new version of RefWorks) in parallel operation is not possible.
To use the new RefWorks version, a new account with an email address of the university or colleges is obligatory. After logging in to the new Refworks, the data can be easily imported from the old RefWorks.

Taking your first steps with RefWorks

Working with RefWorks

Faculty staff and students of the University of Bremen and the state's various institutions of higher learning enjoy free access to RefWorks online research and citation management services through the State and University Library Bremen.

RefWorks online tutorials

RefWorks regularly hosts online tutorials in many languages.

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