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Audio-visual media at the Media Center

The Media Center manages the SuUB's collection of visual, audio and AV media, and provides access to these resources for research and tuition purposes.

The Center's collection is tailored especially to meet the needs of the University of Bremen's tuition and research programs.

Our holdings include:

  • an extensive collection of music records and CDs (focus: classic; also: jazz and popular music)
  • Radio and TV recordings
  • Feature and documentary films
  • 16 mm videos (Focus: biology, history, education studies, psychology and sport)
  • Slides and slide shows (focus: architecture and art)
  • Language training programs
  • Literary and historical audio recordings
  • CD-ROMs (e.g. lexica and databases) – available for use at one of our multimedia workstations only

Lending media

in person at the Media Center or online...

Order media

Learning and studying

Users can order media in person at the Media Center or online.
Requested items will be available for collection at the Lending Desk the next day and will be held for three weekdays.

The Media Center also compiles course material collections for tutors and lecturers.

The following legal and technical restrictions apply to materials borrowed from the Media Center:

  • TV and radio recordings are made available to members of the University of Bremen and other institutions of higher learning in the federal state of Bremen for research and tuition purposes only.
  • Users not associated with the University of Bremen can access our holdings on site only.
  • Users wishing to borrow 16 mm videos must hold a film screening license (Filmvorführschein)
  • Users borrowing DVDs, video cassettes, films and audio recordings must respect the copyright and intellectual property rights of the right holders. The reproduction and public presentation of material borrowed from the Media Center is strictly prohibited.

Most of the items held at the Media Center have a lending period of 14 days.

Two studios and four single booths are available to view material on site at the Central Library.
To book a booth and to learn how to use these facilities, please contact the Media Center:
Studios can be booked here:

Users can borrow equipment for viewing audio-visual media from the Media Services Office of the University of Bremen (GW2, Room B2690).

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