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TB Art & Design

About us

The Art & Design Library supplies literature to staff and students of the University of the Arts Bremen (Faculty of Art & Design, Am Speicher XI Nr. 8, How to find us). The reference library (short term lending is available under special circumstances) is also open to the public. The library collection focuses on books about art and design, along with videos, CDs and DVDs. The library's holdings are included in SuUB's search engine.

Learning and studying

There are 18 individual workstations available in the reading room; limited group work facilities are available.

Students and staff of the HfK Bremen as well as visitors of higher education institutions participating in eduroam are welcome to log into the wireless network via eduroam. Students and staff of the HfK Bremen can also access a range of e-books and e-journals from home using the VPN Client.

A colour photocopier is available on site. Please note, you will need to purchase a copy card at the University's reception desk. Printing and scanning services are also available through the Druckerpool service. Please visit the Druckerpool webpage for details on their operating hours.

Selected Resources

Selected Resources

Training seminars

Seminars on how to best access library resources are held at the beginning of each semester in consultation with teaching staff. Training seminars on specialized search techniques are available for up to 10 participants.

Further information

Our collection includes the following subject areas:
art history, art theory, aesthetics, sculpture, painting, graphic art, photography, film / video art, digital media, media history, visual communication, graphic design, typography, product design, fashion history / design, architecture, cultural history

Information for users with disabilities: the library features a barrier free entrance (elevator).

Please note:
Due to technical restrictions, media borrowed from other SuUB sites cannot be renewed or returned at this library. Similarly, library cards cannot be issued here. Also it is not possible to renew the library card here.

Opening hours
Teilbibliothek für Kunst
Am Speicher XI. Nr. 8
28217 Bremen
COVID19 opening hours:
Tue-Thu 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1 p.m.-4 p.m.

The "3G rule" applies.
Please read the information on our website before visiting.
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Teilbibliothek für Kunst

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Tel: (0421) 9595 1209