Course materials

Course materials

We regularly create special collections (Semesterapparate) of course materials for seminars and lectures at Bremen's higher education institutions.

Literature held in these collections is retained at the library for the duration of the semester, ensuring that students enjoy equal access to these resources.

Lecturers can share literature lists, essays, scripts and presentations with students on Stud.IP, the University of Bremen's e-learning and course management portal.

Contact persons for course material collections at the Central Library

Science, Economics, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences (Level 2)

Ms. Krongeyer
Tel. (0421) 218 59514 

Languages  and  Literature, Education Studies, Psychology, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Geography, Sport (Level 3)

Ms. Bartels
Tel. (0421) 218 59515

Art, Music Studies, Theater Studies, Journalism (Level 4)

Ms. Dinkla
Tel. (0421) 218 59576

Media Center (Level 4)

Ms. Tolle-Koop
Tel. (0421) 218 59582


General information

Literature lists
Course material collections are established on the basis of literature lists supplied to the SuUB by course lecturers. Lists should include precise bibliographic details and call numbers.

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New acquisitions
Lecturers can also request the acquisition of literature currently unavailable at the State and University Library for a collection of course materials using our online request service.

Course material collections are held in dedicated areas on Levels 2-4 of the Central Library or at our branch libraries.

Course material collections are limited to a maximum of 30 titles.

Course material collections are usually held for one semester, after which the titles are returned to general circulation.

Only titles from our lending stock may be included in course material collections; media packages, DVDs, and CDs are available from the Media Center. Items from our non-circulating stock (reference works etc.) will be held at their original locations, and will be linked to the collection's online literature list.

As a rule course material collections only contain a single copy of each lending title.
If several seminar organizers require the same title, course material collections will be linked using placeholders.

List of currently available course collections

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