Submitting print format dissertations

Printed doctoral dissertations

We require the following in order to publish a doctoral dissertation:

  • 15 print copies (format see below) or
  • 15 copies on microfiche plus the microfiche master or
  • 10 publisher’s copies (if your work is to be published through a publishing house) or
  • 1 print copies in conjunction with the publication of a digital dissertation


  • DIN A4 or A5
  • Glued or spine bar binding
  • durable, wood and acid-free paper

Please note that dissertations MUST comply with the examination regulations of the respective faculty (Regulations governing doctoral studies). The names of your primary and secondary supervisor must be detailed on the title page or its reverse along with the date of the doctoral colloquium.

For all inquiries or to make an appointment, please contact us directly.

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