About Kuario

Kuario is a serverless and cloud-based service that allows the use of Wi-Fi printers. The service is GDPR compliant GDPR and all user data are fully encrypted. To learn more about Kuario, visit the Kuario website.

To use the printing and copying stations at which Kuario is installed, a personal account with Kuario is required.

You can register via the Kuario website or via the Kuario app on your smartphone (IOS, Android).

If you want to print or copy, you need to load credit to your Kuario account after registration. You  find a listing of payment methods at the Kuario website or via the app.

Once logged into Kuario, you can upload files and print them on Kuario-equipped library devices. You can use your smartphone, notebook, and also the library's computers for this purpose.

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Firma Kramm Druck- und Kopierservice
Tel: (0421) 218 59600