Training seminars

We provide a range of training options to help users better access our services and resources. Our guided tours have been carefully designed to ensure that you get the most out of your time at the library.

At our specialized training seminars we teach users advanced catalog and database research techniques, and provide a comprehensive overview of our services. Find out more about our training program.


How to use the library

This introductory "how to" seminar provides an overview of our services, and will help you to take your first steps as a competent and independent library user.


  • an overview of the library
  • an introduction to using our catalog
  • an overview of the SuUB's basic services (lending, requesting items from the closed stacks, PC workstations, printing, scanning, copying etc.)

Duration: approx. 60 - 90 minutes
every first Wednesday of the month at 11:00am
To join a tour, please meet at the infoPoint in the lobby of the Central Library on the university campus.
Individuals do not need to register.

Groups of five or more individuals are kindly requested to register for a booking.


An introduction to smart searching

An introduction to smart searching

We are happy to tailor this seminar to your specific subject areas and needs. Please contact us to discuss how we could help you best.


  • an overview of subject-specific information resources (specialist databases and portals, reference works etc.)
  • smart research strategies
  • practical research exercises

Duration: 90 minutes per seminar
by appointment
Registration required


The SuUB for school pupils

SuUB for school pupils

Introduction: A tour of the library and an introduction to the SuUB catalog

This introductory tour will help pupils get to grips with the general layout of the building and our circulation and sorting systems. Pupils will learn to find their way about the library and use it effectively. The seminar also includes an introduction to the most important research tool available to library users.

Participants: 15-20
Duration: 60 minutes +
Registration required

Independent research

Following on from our introductory seminar, this unit gives pupils the opportunity to carry out some independent research at one of our computer workstations.

Teachers are requested to make a separate registration for this seminar so that we can issue pupils with temporary access codes (no library cards are issued in conjunction with this seminar).

Participants: max. 30
Duration: by appointment
Registration required


On-site training

On-site training

On-site training

We're happy to come to you and outline our services.
And we can even introduce you to the basic functions of our catalog wherever you are. This training option is ideal for schools, but can also be booked by other universities and institutions.


  • an overview of our library services
  • an introduction to using our catalog
  • we can also prepare customized research exercises for participants to complete on computers at their home institute / school
  • other contents by arrangement

Technical requirements

Seminar room with a screen and digital projector; in some cases a notebook / PC and internet connection may also be required.

Duration: approx. 30 minutes (presentation)
Duration: by appointment
Registration required


Guided library tour

Guided library tour

Get to know the library (service areas, computing facilities, printers, copiers, scanners).
Learn how to use our catalog.
Learn how to borrow books and access articles.

Please contact us for more information on our library tours in English and use
our easy online registration form to sign up for one of our tours or training seminars.


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