Celebrating and treasuring our cultural heritage

Friends of the SuUB was founded as a registered charity on 12 March 2007. The organization provides active and financial support to the SuUB and seeks to improve public access and raise awareness of the library's many cultural treasures. We are committed to raising the public profile of books, and would like to contribute to the preservation and growth of the SuUB's collections.

Members of Friends of the SuUB are invited to attend:

  • the "Bremer Bibliotheksgespräche", a series of special events which showcase the library's special holdings and keep members up to date on the latest developments
  • guided tours through the library's treasure chambers and special exhibitions
  • trips to other major libraries in Germany

Book sponsorships

A list of the holdings selected for restoration is available here...


Book sponsorships

By sponsoring one of our books you can help to restore a severely damaged or particularly precious publication. Alternatively, you can help to preserve our print heritage by making a donation!
An entry will be made in our catalog in recognition of your support, linking your name forever to a precious manuscript or book. If you like, we'll even add your name to the virtual donation plaque on our website.

These rare works have a special significance in the history of Bremen and the wider region, and require the urgent attention of dedicated restoration services. Individuals, companies, clubs and social groups are welcome to subscribe to our Book Sponsorship program. You can even surprise your favorite bookworm by gifting a Book Sponsorship!

For more information please contact the Executive Committee or our office.

We welcome new members!

Individuals and companies can apply for membership at our office or using our PDF-Flyer. Friends of the SuUB warmly welcomes individual donations.
As a registered charitable organization we are happy to provide donors with a receipt.

Bank details:
Freundeskreis der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek
Bremen e.V.

Bremer Landesbank
Account: 20 01 01 12 99
Bank code: 290 500 00

Preserve our print heritage

Friends of the SuUB was founded as a registered charity on 12 March 2007.

Flyer Friends of the SuUB (in german)

Flyer Friends of The SuUB
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