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Status: 15.06.2020

How many workstations are occupied right now? (German text only)  Central Library...

How many workstations are occupied right now ? (German text only) Law Library. ..

We currently provide 170 workstations in our central library on the university campus and in our law library. Please take note of our opening hours and of our terms of use.

Of course safety parameters have to be observed to prevent any potential spraed of COVID19. A crucial factor is the air conditioning system in the our central libary. In the Juridicum, the skylights must remain permanently open even in bad weather due to the poor ventilation situation.

Central Library on the University Campus: In addition to the 50 computer workstations already available since the beginning of May, we have released 130 workstations. Unfortunately the external blinds at the east and south side have been largely defective for a long time, so that working there while the sun is shining is  only possible to a very limited extent. Some of the circulation air coolers must be switched off to reduce the risk of virus infection. The library will therefore become very warm as soon as outside temperatures rise above 25°C.

The law library (Juridicum): In addition to the 20 walk-in users permitted since the beginning of May, who can use the library for research and copying purposes for a maximum of one hour at a time, we have released 40 workstations which can be used under the same conditions as at central library.

The release of all workstations is subject to the required safety distances and the individual ventilation situation at our sites.

With the exception of the computer workstations, all available workstations in the library need to be borrowed on the current day. We will store these data separately in order to be able to forward the data to the public health department in case of an infection so that they can track and trace. The data will of course be deleted regularly. A reservation of workstations is not possible. The computer workstations are available for research purposes for 75 minutes daily.

In addition to the information offered by telephone and e-mail, a limited number of counters will be open at our service desks every day (Mon - Fri 12 pm to 4 pm). Reserved book, books received via interlibrary loan and new books purchased on your request will be handed out at the lending desk. The return of media will continue to be contactless.

Last but not least: All our staff would prefer all our services to be fully reinstated as soon as possible. Since mid-March, like most of you, we have been working under constantly changing conditions. Many colleagues can only work from because they have to look after their children. These colleagues, as well as those belonging to a risk group, are either not available or only available to a very limited extent for counter service. In addition, we have formed teams which work on site alternately so that entire departments do not have to be closed in case of illness. The staff presence in the library is therefore clearly limited. For this reason, a return to regular services and opening hours is unfortunately not expected in the near future.

We are also working to make individual workstations available at our branch libraries at the university and colleges. Access to these buildings is currently still restricted to university employees only. In addition, the air/ventilation situation at each location must be checked individually. Even if all locations are opened up, the number of workstations will unfortunately be far below the usual number if all current hygiene regulations are observed.


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