Emergency services on site: central library


As of Monday 04/05/2020 the central library will offer strictly limited services on site.

From Monday to Friday the building will be open from 12am to 6pm to allow access to the printed book collection.

The library will not be available as a learning space.

The services will be restricted to the lending and return of books and to copying and scanning from our reference collections.

Please prepare your visit by searching our catalogue and, if necessary, by ordering from the closed stacks in good time. The ordering option will be activated in the course of Sunday.

Reservations are not possible for the time being. There will be no reminders and overdue fees until further notice.

Lending is only possible via self-checkout

The return of books will be contactless. For reasons of hygiene, the library staff will check in returned items with a delay of 24 hours.

Admission will only be possible with a library card and a basket provided by the library. Visitors who do not yet have a library card should register online and contact our circulation desk. You'll then be sent a confirmation mail, which needs to be presented at the entrance control as a print-out or on a mobile phone.

A maximum of 50 visitors will be allowed into the library at any one time.

It is compulsory to wear a face mask. Persons who are unable to wear a face mask due to health impairments or a disability are exempt from this obligation. In accordance with the recommendation of the Senator of the Interior, we ask this group to prove their exemption by presenting a certificate or a letter from their doctor. We recommend that you do not take the risk of visiting the library. Please get in touch with us - we will try to help you.

Please leave the building after 60 minutes at the latest. The waiting visitors will be grateful if you keep your stay as short as possible.

The cloakroom remains closed.

We have reduced the number of computer workstations with regard to the safety distance requirements. A maximum of 45 minutes is available for literature research.

For the time being, information and advice will only be given by telephone, as the protection shields we ordered have not yet arrived. Please use your mobile phone for calls.

Please be considerate, keep your distance and follow the instructions of the security staff. We have separated entrance and exit. Please follow the signs in front of and inside the building.

We will closely monitor the emergency services and if necessary, adjust the general conditions.

Please keep in mind that the risk of infection by COVID-19 is undiminished. Only visit the library if your visit is unavoidable for study and teaching. If you belong to a risk group, please do not visit the library. Contact us via phone or mail. We will try to help you.


Ingkar Bolat sagt:
18. Mai 2020 um 15:05 Uhr
When would it be preferable to return some books? Because I came a week ago when the library was open but there was nobody working there at the desk.

Thank you.

I take it you visited the Central Library on the university campus? There is a book trolley next to the circulation desk. The trolley is labelled Bücherrückgabe/ Return of books. Please place your books there. As stated above the books will be checked back within 24 hours. This option has been available since 04/05 and many books have been returned already.
Kind regards
Claudia Bodem / Head of user services
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