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The State and University Library Bremen (SuUB) will continue to be available primarily with its digital services due to the current threat posed by COVID-19 ("Coronavirus").

Since 04/05 additional emergency services have been introduced at some of our sites: The central library and at the law library are offering a restricted opening from 12am to 6pm. There are also emergency services provided by some of our branch libraries. Please read our online information before you decide to visit any of our sites.

General information

Online access to our electronic resources

Our extensive range of electronic resources continues to be available to you. You can access approximately 80 million electronic resources via our catalogue.
The resources that we have licensed for you from the publishers can be accessed by all students and staff of Bremen universities via VPN.
We currently focus on extending our electronic resources collection. Since 23/03 we have already procured several thousand additional e-books. Please let us know which resources you need using our request form... 

Copy delivery service

for academic staff and exam candidates at the public universities of Bremen. Please use our order form...


Our employees currently work from home. We still answer your questions and will gladly advise you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you.

By e-mail:
Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (please not that although we rarely post in English we are able to reply in English if you contact us via social media)

Library card

You need a library card only if you want to visit us. If you want to access our electronic resources from home, you need a valid account at one of the public universities in Bremen. Please contact the computer centre of your university. Unfortunately, only those who belong to one of Bremen's universities can access our electronic resources from home.

If you would like to renew your library card, please send an e-mail with your library card number to

If you would like to apply for a new library card, please register online and then send an e-mail to our circulation desk. The colleagues will contact you via e-mail.


There are currently no overdue fees. It is not possible to pay fees that had already incurred before the library was closed. Overdues fees will be charged again from 08/06...

Media out on loan: renewals & reminders

We'll restart sending reminders regarding the expiration of the loan period on 14/05. No overdue fees will be charged until 08/06. Continue here for more information...

Media on reservation

Even if the media you have borrowed have been reserved by others, you won't have to pay overdue fees until ß8/06. Please return these media to our sites.

Media out on loan: return

You can return the books/media you borrowed from our central library on our sites. You can also ask a friend to do that for you. Please pay attention to our restricted opening hours. You can also send us the books by post if you prefer to do so. Here is a list of the addresses you can use.

Ordering media or placing a reservation

Online orders for our closed stacks collection have been reactivated on 03.05. Books out on loan cannot be reserved at present. Please continue to use our digital ressources.

Interlibrary loan

National and international lending between libraries had largely come to a standstill in March. However, as of 15/04 the delivery of article copies from German libraries has been activated. Since 11/05 books can be ordered via interlibrary loan as well. As many other libraries are still in shut down this service is still limited for the time being. Some libraries also deliver documents and books via the document delivery service Subito.

For more information please look here...

Book lockers and individual workrooms

At the moment both lockers and workrooms cannot be used. If you need access to retrieve your belongings please contact our information team.

Trainings & Consultation hours

Due to the corona pandemic these services are unavailable at any of our sites. However, we do offer online training, online consultations and webinars. Please contact us via the general e-mail address or contact your subject liason librarian.


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