Digital reproductions

Digitalisierung auf Wunsch

Digitization on Demand is a service of Bremen State and University Library for all users no matter if they belong to the University of Bremen or are in posession of a user ID. Please send requests for digitization to

We have the following digitization offers:

Digitized titles

Digitization of complete and copyright-free titles with transfer in our library’s digital collections

Terms of use (in German)
  • There can be titles digitized that are in a good state of preservation and where published before 1910, therefor are not protected by copyright.

  • This service is only available for books, it’s not possible to digitize complete newspapers or magazines this way.

  • For the price of € 20.00, you receive a digital copy of 30 pages. Each additional page costs an additional € 0.50. Full text via OCR is charged extra with € 0.10 for each page. More information in our schedule of fees.

Digital reproductions

Digital reproductions of single pages or figures in titles of the library’s historical collections

Request for reproduction
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